Sunday, 25 July 2010

My children have a better social life than me!

Evie thinks it's great that we're on our summer holidays but she doesn't quite get the subtle difference yet between being on holiday from work and actually being on holiday. Every time we leave the house she insists we bring her suitcase! We had to pull her round the shops on her pink Trunki yesterday! So in an attempt to be more organised than we usually are and help her understand, we've actually planned out our activities for the week, and here we have proof that children definitely do have better social lives than anyone else!

Today started with a family swim, which generally takes the form of Evie looking for any volunteers to play 'What's the Time Mr. Wolf?' in the water while Harry within seconds identifies the most dangerous place from which to hurl himself into the water. We'll then probably end up going to the new park at the back of our house.

Monday sees my husband and I having a day to ourselves while the children are at nursery, and it's my belated birthday outing where hopefully I will spend far too much money and hubby'll buy me a few presents.

On Tuesday, Evie has a play date which will involve lots of painting and messiness as well as biscuits and ice cream and a trip to the new splash park near us.

On Wednesday, Evie's favourite day out, the Adventure Wonderland is being visited by none other than Dora the Explorer so an overpriced (though hopefully very fun!) day packed full of children and an hour long wait to get on the 2mph rides is sure to ensue, though it'll all be worth it to see the kids smiling with absolute pleasure!

It's Harry's friend's birthday party on Thursday, to which Evie would obviously be outraged if she couldn't attend!

And already it's Friday, when we're packing everything into our car and to go camping with three other couples who have children the same age as ours. I was really hoping Harry would be walking by this trip, but there's still 5 days left for that...

So there we have it - a full, fun packed week. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't change it for anything, these special days we get to have to gether as a family are fab, but if every week pans out like this, it does make me wonder whether I'll be going to go back to work feeling like I've had a break at all!

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  1. Although we don't have children yet we always laugh that our parents (his are retired) have far better social lives than us! Sounds like a fun packed week though and at least you're making the most of the 6 weeks that, as we know, go oh so fast!