Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Miserable birthday wishes...

I can't believe it but my little man turned 1 on Monday. Every parent I'm sure wants to make their child's birthday special, while they're still young enough to want their parents hanging around! Monday is usually their nursery day, but because it was the school holidays and I didn't need to work, I was so organised and swapped their day so we could have a lovely family day together. We organised a smallish party for the Sunday and planned to have a day out to Paulton's Park on Monday, weather permitting. 

So Wednesday evening last week, I got Harry out of the bath and noticed a few spots on him. Given that his sister had chickenpox a couple of weeks ago I was fairly confident she'd given her little brother an early birthday present, and I was right!

The spots started coming thick and fast, but because he has really bad eczema, I was at a loss of how to help him. The eczema creams were making his spots itch and the chickenpox remedies were aggravating his eczema! On top of that, he was running a temperature of nearly 40 and was cutting 3 teeth! My daughter just laid on the sofa for a couple of days when she had chickenpox, then was up and back to her normal self. She went back to nursery after 6 days! Is this why men have the stereotype of being worse patients than women?!

By Friday, he had more spots than I thought possible for someone so small to have. On top of that, one had turned green and was bigger than a 5p coin. I phoned the doctor and it turned out he had an infection, so the poor little fella has spent his birthday party and subsequently his birthday on antibiotics, with chickenpox, and cutting 3 teeth.

Don't get me wrong, I still know I'm really lucky to have a generally happy, healthy boy. After all chickenpox and teething are 2 perfectly normal ailments of children. I know there's far worse out there, but big or small I just feel so sorry for him that the only pictures he'll have to look back on of his first birthday are of him crying and spotty!

Happy birthday Harry! His sister (and her inseparable sidekick) had no problem blowing out his candle for him and eating his cake!


  1. Oh poor Harry!! How did he cope with them? I cant imagine Oli with spots like that - I think I would cry! (I tend to cry at the tiniest bump/fall!) That cake looks so Delicious! :D xx

  2. Bless him he was very miserable! He's come out the other side now though and is back to terrorising the ple place! Oh and the cake is sooo easy to make, but thanks for the compliment!x

  3. 'We' had chicken pox last Christmas and had to be in quarantine for the whole of the festive season. They know all about timing, these little people!

  4. Bless that boy ! He looks so sad doesn't he. Both my girls have had chicken pox, once worse than the other, but he looks like he got it pretty horrible. The blessing I guess is that at least it's out the way now :)

  5. Poor little mite! At least it's all over and done with now - my little girl hasn't had chicken pox yet, and I'm terrified she'll catch it just before our holiday at the end of May, and we won't be able to fly!!

  6. Ah yes my children have impeccable timing! My daughter woke up with 'chicken pox-like' spots last year on my 30th birthday, causing my surprise party to be cancelled. Turned out it wasn't the pox at all but some virus thing. Then in December we were supposed to be having our first childfree day to go to a wedding and she was throwing up all night with a sickness bug, and my son's temp was nearly 40 on Christmas day too! Thanks for the comments, he's fully recovered now and the spots have nearly all gone too! Where would we be without them hey?! x