Thursday, 17 June 2010

Seven things that make me grumpy...

Although I've had my blogspot account since last year, I still consider myself to be a complete novice. I see some fab blogs by the wonderful people I've met through Twitter and find what they write quite inspiring. I read far less books now and instead I am a nosey person, plain and simple! I get excited reading about what people I've never even met are up to, those wedding preps, births, hip replacements even visits from repair men to fix that dishwasher or washing machine keep me tuned in and I can't stop reading until I know that they've been and said items are fixed!

The other day though I was reading a post by one of the ladies I tweet with: @YummyNo1 (Like I said, I'm a complete novice and I'm not sure if I'm breaking blogging etiquette by not putting in some kind of special link to her page, apologies if I am, but her post about things that make us grumpy struck a chord with me). I laughed, empathised and thought to myself I must do the same, but it wasn't until yesterday when lots of people did things that, well yes, made me grumpy that I felt it was the right time, so here we go:

1. People who are rude. Yes this is a very big category, but yesterday I was at my 3 year old's swimming lesson, watching at the side, trying to stop my 1 year old hurling himself in fully clothed as you do! This lady sat down next to me, very heavily pregnant, watching her daughter swimming. Perhaps I'm too sociable but I tried to strike up a pleasantry style conversation, how old was her daughter, when's the baby due etc. I got nothing but a sneer. Please tell me I'm not being totally weird for talking to a stranger? I know my mum always told me not to, maybe she was right!

2. Work. Ok, so anyone who's read my posts before will know that this isn't true. I love my job and would never want to do anything else, but this only applies as far as to the entrance to the staffroom door. Note entrance, not exit. The students are fab, I'm passionate about my subject and I love the fact that I get to have a lunch break and wear necklaces without them being eaten 3 days a week. However what gets me are the people who don't have this philosophy when it comes to their jobs, the ones who turn up for first lesson, leave with the kids at 3, and moan about everything and everyone at any given opportunity, including my work which is none of their business! This week I've been told off by a different teacher (my equal, not superior) twice. Once, because some students chose to come to my revision class rather than hers, and once because I was unable to write reports for a certain class because I had been on maternity leave and therefore not taught them. Apparently due to these occurrences, I am 'an embarrassment'!

3. People who won't merge in turn when 2 lanes go into one, and cut you up. Would you idiots really prefer to risk your own and other people's lives just because your car is newer and shinier than mine?

4. People who go on Twitter with the sole aim of having as many followers as they can. I just don't get this, but it's been quite magnified by the whole Duncan's Dream thing. I was a bit slow on the uptake to this and have to confess that I did go on it a few days later to see what it was all about, but I followed a few people that seemed to have similar interests etc. to me. What I didn't then do was wait for them to follow me back then unfollow them so my ratios made me look more popular. I love tweeting with the people I do, but if I annoy them then they should stop following me. I have never tweeted about how many followers I have or want!

5. Lying about your tan. I'm whiter than white, one of those people who only has to read the Sun to burn. Then I peel and I'm back to white again. However I've finally found a fake tan in the form of Fake Bake which looks relatively natural on me. I've had quite a few compliments from people when I wear it, but they look really shocked when I tell them it's fake rather than try to pass it off as natural. Why do people do this, you wouldn't try and make out you weren't wearing make up so why is this any different?

6. When the yoghurt pot lid doesn't come off in one go. This is perhaps not the biggest issue in the world, but when you're on a diet, every last morsel counts so yes, I am uncouth and lick the lid! Trouble is the Muller Light yoghurts have a foil lid and I keep cutting my tongue when it doesn't all come off in one go. Grrr!

7. Silly substitutions. I did my first online shop this week in an attempt to avoid the weekly tired, hungry tantrums I've been getting taking them shopping with me. It was fab apart from one substitution. I ordered some lemon scented washing up liquid which was unavailable, so what did they send me instead? Lemons! Hope they don't send me a set of dentures next week if my toothpaste is unavailable!


  1. I love this post and I am so glad that you did this - thanks for the mention! And no, I promise you haven't broken any sort of blogging etiquette - well, not that I know of anyway!! ; )
    I am soooo with you on all of these! Of course, I know nothing of staff room politics but no wonder it makes you so grumpy! Jeez!
    Such a great post - your grumpiness made me smile : )

  2. ROFL! The last one made me laugh, a lot!

  3. Can I add people who park on the pavement so that pedestrians with prams have to go on the road and people who don;t pick up their dogs shit so that pram wheels bring it into homes?! Must be time of the year I am a grumpy lady right now too! Cx