Thursday, 27 May 2010

Sensitive palate or just plain fussy?

It's official, my daughter is a fussy eater! For several months now, I've been dreading meal times. It seems the more my 3 year old daughter is exposed to different foods, the less she will actually eat. I know without fail that we will have tears, and tantrums (which now she has hit 3, have dutifully trebled in size and effort) unless the answer to her "Mummy, what's for dinner?" question is either "Ham sandwiches" or "Macaroni cheese."

I've tried all the ideas people have suggested, like giving her choices so you maintain some control but she thinks she is calling the shots, and getting her to help me make it, or making it look pretty or funny on the plate, but she is so stubborn (no idea where she gets that from!) that nothing will work!

There's certain foods she won't eat at all, in any shape or form, most annoyingly, potato and tomato. I'd just love to be able to get in from work and shove some chips in the oven occasionally, or a pizza, but no. Ironically she's really good with nearly all fruit and veg, but so limited everywhere else, and she picks up subtle differences so easily. Normally I get Sainsbury's sweetcorn with no sugar or salt added. The other day I got Green Giant as it was all they had and she noticed the difference and consequently refused to eat any of her meal!

She also won't touch anything with skin on. She loves satsumas but won't eat them because of the skin. The other day I even found myself peeling sausages so she'd eat something! 

We're supposed to be going round to her friend's house to play and have tea later and I know she'll be getting fish fingers and mash. Something a year ago she would've gobbled up, but I'm already dreading it!

She does like really plain food so doesn't go without but it makes going out for food so difficult. Is this something that all 3 year olds go through or am I stuck with a fussy eater for life now?! My son will eat anything in sight, including his sister's leftovers given half the chance! I've always been one to stick to my guns, I won't cook another meal if she refuses to eat it, and now I have 2 children I know I need to offer a wide range of foods and get them all their nutrients, but at the same time, I don't want her to starve! On far too many occasions I've picked up from nursery and literally all she has eaten while there has been carrots!

However what prompted me to write this and find out if I'm alone if this has been going on for months? Well, I had to buy granary bread today as there was no wholemeal (she won't eat white bread!). I didn't really think much of it, but my dearest was screaming straight away "Mummy my bread is all dirty....LOOK!" So after 45 minutes of me telling her that the bread is perfectly normal and her screaming that it's dirty, pointing out every single seed, I thought I'd try taking the visible ones out and seeing if she'd eat it. It did work, so at least she's not hungry, but as I'm sat there concentrating on picking bits out the bread, I looked over, and what was she eating? Quavers dipped in raspberry yoghurt - I give up!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Kids really do say the funniest things...

It's been a while since I've updated, and that's mainly because nothing of note has happened. Who wants to read a blog about me going to work, coming home, cooking the dinner, doing the cleaning, going to bed and then starting over then next day?!

My 3 year old (can't believe she's 3 now, it sounds so grown up!) started pre school a couple of weeks ago and it seems that this is the place where they start experimenting with language. She's always been quite advanced with her speech but I've had a few moments this week when I've just wanted the ground to swallow me up!

The problem is just the naivety of it all, it makes it so endearing. So here's a list of some of her quotes from the last couple of weeks:

  • My husband did 'Pinch Punch, 1st day of the month' to me. My daughter asked me to do it to her, so I did so very gently, to which she replied "Mummy, don't knock on me, I'm not a door!"
  • We were playing a 'bouncing on the sofa' game, when we went outside she said "Mummy, I actually don't like it when you throw me!" 
  • After taking "Billy the Bear" back to pre school after looking after him for a week: I like sleeping with Billy, it's fun!"
  • I really hope my daughter isn't the only one who likes saying words with different consonant sounds at the beginning. This morning we had 'Thank you" with a 'W' at the front. There have been several other incidents too!
  • She asked the lady on the checkouts with a lazy eyelid why she only had one eye.
  • She shouted at the top of her voice "Mummy I need a poo NOW" at a friend's son's birthday party
It's really cute, all of it, but I so understand now why my mum is still scarred from me standing behind the door shouting, "Mummy the milkman's here, do we have to hide today?" or the time when at the kids' pet service I told the vicar not to bless my dog because he was "a randy little sod!" If my daughter's saying these things at 3, what have I got to come?!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Well what a week! This week has seen me working (as in work I get paid for!) a total of 76 and a half hours, plus any minute when both kids are quiet! Considering I only work part time I think that's quite impressive. However it is with great relief that I can report that all of my Year 11 students sat their first exam this morning and all of them had a full set of coursework behind them too. I did have to go on MSN at 10:30 last night to get one of them to rerecord their work and send it to me but I feel very relieved it's now all done. Just one exam left now...

But work aside because a far more important event happened this weekend. My little girl turned three! This is something I feel quite emotional about because all of a sudden she doesn't seem to be my baby any more. 

  • She's moved out of Older Toddlers at nursery and now goes to pre school, where she doesn't have 'carers' but teachers
  • She doesn't have to wear swim nappies in the pool any more
  • She's actually deemed old enough to play safely with most of the toys she's had since birth that say 'not suitable for children under 36 months' (including the walker bought for my son's 1st birthday - yes really!)
  • I have to pay for her to go to Farmer Palmers and most of the other places I've been able to go to for free until now
  • She's a big girl, with a mind and opinions of her own in every area of her life!
So how did we celebrate the big day? Well since Christmas she's been talking about how she wanted to have her own fancy dress party with a bouncy castle, so there wasn't really another option! At first I was quite chuffed as a lot of her friends were having organised parties at play centres etc. so I thought Evie's request might be cheaper, but boy was I wrong!

Our house is quite small and we had a real squish when it was her 1st birthday. Last year because Harry was so young we opted for a low key and joint beach party, but this year with them all running around we decided we'd have to book somewhere especially as we couldn't bank on the weather being ok, so we booked the local community centre, £40 straight off, plus the bouncy castle hire, plus the decorations and paper plates etc. plus the food, plus the presents for prizes, pass the parcel etc, plus all the other stuff I've forgotten! In total it probably cost us about £150, about the same as it would've to hire a catered venue and have no stress whatsoever! Hey ho, you live and learn.

The main thing is Evie had a wonderful day surrounded by all her friends and family. She's only just recovering now and is still really tired from all the excitement. It was touch and go too as she was throwing up on Saturday and we were wondering whether it would go ahead at all, but thankfully it all worked out. Happy birthday Evie!

So now my stress is over at work and at home, I'm looking forward to a week or so where hopefully I can take things a little bit easier. I'm sure it's just wishful thinking, but for now I'm happy with that as I haven't even had time to think for a while! Until next time... x