Saturday, 24 July 2010

And Relax...

Finally I'm on holiday! That last week always seems to drag. It's just a formality you have to get through. My birthday is always in the last week of term too, why couldn't I have just held off a week to guarantee a day off on my birthday every year - damn my mum's pre eclampsia and subsequent induction?!

Still it's finally here, so how to spend my first weekend? Relaxing? If only! I now need to catch up on the very long list of jobs which I have been 'putting off until we break up' for the last three weeks!
  • Posting the birthday parcels which are now a week late
  • Tidying the house up
  • Returning all the orders I made on the Next VIP sale that I never would've bought in a million years had I been browsing in the shop
  • Getting as much school work done as I can before I totally forget how to use my brain. Even as an adult I still get that thing where you can't write properly when you go back to school in September!
  • Visiting my 98 year old Gran who lives in a residential home which is 45 minutes away
  • Start packing for our holiday. My husband still can't understand why it takes me so long. He honestly doesn't understand why a family of four would need to take more than a pair of pants and an ipod camping!
  • Make sure I keep up my resolution of 30 minutes exercise every day of the holidays. Starting by removing all the storage boxes off my cross trainer...
Don't worry though, hubby's been busy too:
  • He's successfully located his car after he left in 'somewhere in town' last night so he could have a few drinks
  • He's saved the world on his XBox game
  • He's currently helping Evie have a little rest by sleeping like a baby next to her on the sofa...


  1. I like your background very grrovy all that flower power :-)
    Yay for the summer holidays when you are a kid they seem to last forever, but when you are an adult they fly by which is not good in your case! Enjoy the break!

  2. I can totally relate to the writing in september - my writing is always wobbly on the board the first couple of days! I'm so pleased the hols are here it is my first one since returning from maternity leave. My last week dragged as well but that's because I spent the week entering books onto the library system as I didn't have a class

  3. LOL at your hubby saving the world on his xbox game. My hubby is doing something very similar. And he's been saying he's close to completing something or other for about a week now!