Friday, 23 July 2010

Funny Five Friday

Well the day I've been looking forward to since March 22nd (the day I returned to work following my maternity leave) has finally arrived and I am on holiday for five weeks and four days. I thought I'd mark this happy day by creating a 'Funny Five Friday' and sharing five moments with you that have made me laugh out loud to spread the happiness! So here goes, hope I manage to bring a smile to at least one person's face as a rseult of my efforts!
  1. The end of term quiz. Things always start winding down towards the end of term. Lots of teachers end up showing films but my husband and I have always tried to do something a bit different once the curriculum for the year has been covered. As a music teacher it's quite easy for me - a good old inter house round of Singstar or Rock Band usually goes down well. My husband on the other hand teaches history and 'Mr Lawrence's End of Term Quiz' has become quite famous. The pub quiz style mixes rounds on topics studied throughout the year with bonus rounds. Due to his artistic skills, he decided to do a guess the animal round this year. He had 30 seconds to draw an animal, the students simply had to identify what he was drawing. Simple you say? Take a look. Answers at the bottom of the post!
  2. Condoms for hats. This is similar to something which happened to me a while back. I was completely and utterly shattered a couple of weeks ago. It turned out I had tonsillitis which explained why my head wasn't properly switched on. I had three students in my class who were wearing condoms on their heads. Turns out they were planning on using them as water bombs, but then realised they didn't have any water so decided to use them as hats instead! Made me chuckle afterwards!
  3. Sports Day. It's that time of year when every teacher has to brave it onto the school field and pretend they want to be there to cheer on their students! I always dread it but have to confess I really do get into the spirit of things and find it refreshing to see the students in a completely different light to how they are in a classroom. This year was great. One particular student who has a bit of a reputation for 'liking their food' was taking part in the 800m. Suddenly we realised he hadn't come round to start his second lap. Where was he? Turns out, on his way round he had found an abandoned lunch box, and we found him chomping on a ham sarnie by the big tree in the corner!
  4. Evie questioning the cashier's competence in Sainsbury's. Should this make me laugh? I'm not sure, but we went in to buy a couple of bits last week. When we got to the checkout one item didn't scan properly so the manager had to be called to put it through. Evie's response to the cashier was "It's 59 pennies. Surely the lady knows that - she works here!"
  5. My birthday. Last Sunday was my birthday. I was quite excited about it because Evie was so excited about going out and buying me presents and a cake (pictured below - the perfect choice for any 31 year old I'm sure you'll agree!). But really this was a day for Evie not for me. We got up early, went to feed the ducks, then went to the park, then swimming, out for lunch, a visit from my parents, quick play at home, before going out to dinner with one of my closest friends who has a daughter Evie's age. They played really well for a good 3 hours. That's how I'd describe the day. Before bed I asked her what her favourite part of the day was. Her answer: "I liked it when we saw the lady's bread get run over by a bus on the way to the restaurant!" Kids!
I hope something here has made you smile and that they weren't all 'need to be there' moments. Hope you all have a lovely weekend full of lots of things to make you smile. Oh, and if any of you wanted to take part in 'Mr. Lawrence's Quiz' here's the answers: 6. Mouse 7.Horse 8. Chimpanzee 9. Shark 10. Snake. Yes I'm serious!


  1. Was just having a look around at some random blogs and came across yours! I too am a secondary school teacher and completely relate to your tales on end of term, sport's day etc!

  2. Aww thanks, it's a lovely time of year isn't it?! What do you teach? Do you have a blog? Enjoy the holidays! x

  3. Sports day - hated it when I was at school still dislike it as a teacher!

  4. Happy belated birthday! Love the cake. I'd be very happy with a Peppa Pig cake!